The flexibility of AMSTAR's flexible options can work with your existing site, within your budget, because you are an investor looking to grow your business. 
By joining the Amstar network, you get low-priced, unbranded fuel supply with a strong image that identifies you as part of a reputable, American brand. 

In order to determine which image package is best suited for your site and your market, your Amstar representative will work with you. Some options may not be available in certain markets. Amstar is more than just quality fuel, trustworthy prices and honest business relationships. Being part of the Amstar family means personal support.  

Our goal is to make YOU successful. That’s how we’ll grow the Amstar network, together.

Visual Identity

The AMSTAR® brand features an image that meets your needs.

We are flexible and can support ANY site configuration. We work with your existing site so there is no need to go through a costly renovation to conform to Amstar. Financed imaging options are available to meet your conversion budget and timeline, to help keep your initial out-of-pocket expenses low, or zero.

Click here to see details on the two Amstar Image Packages, the Amstar White Image and the Amstar Blue Image. Click here to see details on the two Amstar Image Levels, Standard and Premium.

Your Amstar representative will work with you to determine the best image package for your site and your market. Some options may not be available in certain markets.

Amstar Main ID Sign 

The eye-catching Amstar Main ID sign features a bold blue background, a reverse-color Amstar logo and a modern star element. 

The sign was designed to be noticed.

The white letters on the reverse-color Amstar logo are easier to see at night and from a distance, and its blue background will look cleaner, longer, even when exposed to a variety of weather conditions.

Contact us to learn more about Amstar Visual Identity.

Fuel Supply

Unbranded Fuel

The AMSTAR® brand has access to low-priced, unbranded fuel – the same quality fuel that you and your customers depend on – but minus the premiums added on to brand-name fuel. It’s savings that you can either pass along to your customers or use to reinvest in your business.

We also have access to multiple supply sources, allowing you to receive competitive prices in every market. In fact, we are happy to provide a custom analysis of your market to highlight the potential savings for your site. 

Fuel Price

The Amstar brand sells competitively priced fuel, so you can feature low fuel prices at your site to attract even more business. Featuring low prices is essential, as consumers today are price sensitive, especially when it comes to gas. According to 2013 NACS data*, when asked which of the following factors is most important to them (Price, Location, Brand and Ease of Entrance/Exit), 71% of respondents answered it was price. In fact, “over the past seven years, ‘price’ has consistently reigned as the single most important factor.” Click here to view NACS data.

Millennials, in particular, are price sensitive when it comes to purchasing fuel. Results of a survey conducted by Kelton** of 1,018 American men and women, ages 21-30, who are primary fuel purchasers show that “54% of survey respondents said price is the most important factor when selecting which gas to use. In addition, these participants regularly fueled up with unbranded gasoline.” Click here to view survey results by Kelton.
*NACS – “2013 NACS Consumer Fuels Report” – 2/1/13
**CSP News – “Millennials Choose Price Over Engine Performance” – 9/6/12

Sample Fuel Price Analysis

Below is a fuel price analysis for a sample Amstar market, illustrating how the price of quality unbranded fuel compares to other brands. We are happy to provide you with a free custom analysis of your market. Contact us today to learn more.

Amstar chart

Credit Card Program

We know that credit card processing fees are one of your largest expenses.

In our ongoing effort to find ways to provide additional value, we searched for a credit card processing network that would deliver for our Retailers. We found many options that didn’t measure up, so we decided to create our own. 

AMSTAR® Card Services offers a credit card processing network that accepts most major credit, debit and fleet cards and reduces your credit card transaction fees. It’s simple to make the switch and start saving today.
Amstar Card Services customers can also enjoy the following benefits:
• Backed by World Fuel Services Corporation — with an extensive, reliable network of fuel suppliers.
• Competitive market pricing that sets our program apart from other processing platforms.
• High-speed response times to enable fast payment for your customers.
• Easy integration with the majority of PCI compliant point-of-sale systems, simplifying your conversion to Amstar Card Services.
• Anytime access to your electronic reports with our online, customer self-help tool.
• Responsive, trained professionals available 24/7 to assist you with your questions and concerns.
Processing Fees
See how your existing credit card processing platform compares to Amstar Card Services. Let us review your current rates and we will prepare a custom analysis for your site based on previous credit card transaction data.
Contact us today to learn more about Amstar Card Services and get your free custom analysis.


AMSTAR® Lubricants

The Amstar brand sells a full line of high-quality lubricants to stock your convenience store shelves. Amstar Lubricants feature a variety of in-demand products including full-synthetics and blends, available in a variety of sizes ranging from quarts to gallons to drums.  In addition, Amstar lubricants are a private label product with significantly lower costs than branded alternatives. Selling Amstar lubricants:

• Enhances Amstar brand awareness;
• Adds weight to the Amstar brand in the eyes of your consumers; and
• Can increase your bottom line!
Get the most out of the Amstar brand by carrying Amstar lubricants.

Contact us to learn more!