The AMSTAR® brand features an image that meets your needs.

We are flexible and can support ANY site configuration. We work with your existing site so there is no need to go through a costly renovation to conform to Amstar. Financed imaging options are available to meet your conversion budget and timeline, to help keep your initial out-of-pocket expenses low, or zero.

Click here to see details on the two Amstar Image Packages, the Amstar White Image and the Amstar Blue Image. Click here to see details on the two Amstar Image Levels, Standard and Premium.

Your Amstar representative will work with you to determine the best image package for your site and your market. Some options may not be available in certain markets.

Amstar Main ID Sign 

The eye-catching Amstar Main ID sign features a bold blue background, a reverse-color Amstar logo and a modern star element. 

The sign was designed to be noticed.

The white letters on the reverse-color Amstar logo are easier to see at night and from a distance, and its blue background will look cleaner, longer, even when exposed to a variety of weather conditions.

Contact us to learn more about Amstar Visual Identity.