The AMSTAR® brand has partnered with Centego, to offer a simple, effective customer loyalty program called Spinback Rewards®. It is a patented program, offering cents-per-gallon rollback-at-the-pump rewards to your customers.

Spinback Rewards is an easy-to-manage program, because it is 100 percent managed by our loyalty management partner, Exclusive Connections. They do the work for you, by: 

• Working with national vendors to secure funded promotions.
• Offering pre-packaged, vendor-funded program that includes promotions for products that your customers want like Pepsi Cola, Frito-Lay,
and Monster.*
• Providing your store with a “Ready to Go” kit that includes the POP and customer cards.
• Managing a website and mobile app that is regularly updated with information on new promotions.
Using the Spinback Rewards® loyalty program can give you a 7-12% increase in inside sales and a 5-10% increase in gallons**
It’s that simple. Plus, the program offers no escrow account – so your money is always available, and is never tied-up with your customer loyalty program.

Customer Benefits

For your customers, the Spinback Rewards program offers an easy-to-redeem loyalty option. This cents-per-gallon rollback-at-the-pump program offers many benefits to your customers including:
• Immediate gratification – so they can instantly redeem rewards where they really want them: at the pump.
• A loyalty program that is easy to join and easy to use.
• A website and mobile app to keep them connected, even when they are away from your site.
Using a customer loyalty program is an easy and effective way to grow your business by promoting repeat visits.
Contact us today and learn how the Spinback Rewards program can start working for you.
*The trademarks and names of other companies and products mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
**Based on proprietary data from active Spinback Rewards sites, as of June 2013.